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OV Vegas Guide: Favorite Local Sushi Spots

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OV Vegas Guide: Favorite Local Sushi Spots

If you've been watching our Instagram stories over the last few weeks you might have seen that our team is a group of foodies. We love exploring new places around town and sharing them on #OVEats. Although we love new restaurants, there’s nothing like our favorites spots. Today, we’re sharing our team’s go-to sushi spots around town.

Pier 215 

Pier 215 is definitely one of our favorite go-to's. We love it because it has something on the menu for everyone! The quality of their fish and their amazing services has us coming back repeatedly. Some of our favorites on the menu are the crispy rice with spicy tuna, sunset roll, sweet garlic chili edamame, and the salmon fiesta roll. If you like desserts, the Nutella Crunch Cake is a must!


Sen of Japan

There’s nowhere else we rather stop for some sashimi. The nigiri is definitely our favorite. Pair it with a spicy spider roll and some sake and you have your self an amazing meal! 

Sushi Neko

They say that you know a place is good by the number of people on the waiting list. If that’s the case, Sushi Neko is amazing! If you love all you can eat then this place is worth waiting for. Some of our favorite rolls are the Chanel, Jackpot, and the Salmon Lemon roll.



Last but not least, Boncho is our favorite sushi spot in the downtown area! Make sure to stop by during their happy hour. Some of our favorite rolls on the menu are the Dirty Sanchez and the Ryan Special.

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